Designation meaning in Hindi with Example


Designation meaning in Hindi, can be translated to पदनाम (padnaam) or पद (pad). It refers to a specific title or name given to a person for a specific role or position in an organization or company. A designation can provide information about the level of responsibility and authority of a person in a company.

Designation Meaning in Hindi

Designation : The Hindi name for Designation is padnaam or pad. It is written as पदनाम or पद in Hindi.

For instance, in a company, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) has a higher designation than a Manager, and the Manager has a higher designation than an Executive. Similarly, in the Indian government, the Prime Minister has a higher designation than a Minister, and a Minister has a higher designation than a Member of Parliament.

Designations are an essential part of an organization as they help to define roles, responsibilities, and hierarchies. They also make it easier for people to understand who is responsible for what and who they should report to for specific tasks.

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Examples of Designation in a Sentence

here are some English sentences with the word “designation” and their Hindi translations:

  1. He was given the designation of “Captain” in the army
    उसे सेना में “कैप्टन” का पद दिया गया था। (Use sena mein “Captain” ka pad diya gaya tha.)
  2. His designation at the university is “Professor”
    वह विश्वविद्यालय में “प्रोफेसर” के पद पर है। (Vah vishvavidyalay mein “Professor” ke pad par hai.)
  3. Her designation at the company is Senior Manager.
    उनका कंपनी में पद सीनियर मैनेजर है। (Unka company mein pad senior manager hai.)
  4. The new employee’s designation has not yet been decided.
    नए कर्मचारी का पद अभी तक तय नहीं हुआ है। (Naye karmachari ka pad abhi tak tay nahi hua hai.)
  5. He received a promotion to the designation of Director last month.
    उसे पिछले महीने डायरेक्टर के पद पर पदोन्नति मिली। (Use pichle mahine director ke pad par padonnati mili.)