Except Meaning in Hindi with Example


Are you struggling to understand the meaning of the word “except” in Hindi? It can be challenging to understand the nuances of a word in a different language, especially if it has multiple meanings or can be used in different contexts. In this blog, we will explore Except meaning in Hindi with examples to help you better understand and use this word in your own conversations and writing.

Except Meaning in Hindi

Except meaning in Hindi is “के अलावा” (ke alawa) or “को छोड़कर” (ko chhodkar). Except means excluding or not including a specific thing or person.

The word “except” is often used in English to indicate an exclusion or an exception to a general rule or statement. It can be used as a preposition or a conjunction, and it is often paired with the word “for” to indicate what is excluded or excepted.

“के अलावा” (ke alawa) can be translated to English as “except for” or “apart from”. It is used to indicate something that is excluded from a group or a list. “को छोड़कर” (ko chhodkar) can be translated to English as “except for”. It is used to indicate an exception or exclusion from a group or a list.

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Examples of Except in a Sentence

Here are some English sentences with the word “Except” and their Hindi translations:

  1. She bought everything except shoes.
    उसने सभी सामान ख़रीदे जूते के अलावा।
  2. She has visited all the countries in Europe, except for Italy.
    उसने यूरोप में सभी देशों का दौरा किया है, इटली को छोड़कर।
  3. I eat all kinds of food, except for spicy food.
    मैं सभी प्रकार के भोजन करता हूँ, मसालेदार खाने को छोड़कर।
  4. Only Rajesh was successful in that exam, because no one else was prepared, except him.
    केवल राजेश ही उस परीक्षा में सफल हुआ, क्योंकि उसके अलावा कोई नहीं तैयार था।
  5. She is good at all subjects except for math.
    वह सभी विषयों में अच्छी है, गणित के अलावा।