Awesome Meaning in Hindi with Example


Awesome is a popular term that is commonly used in English, but if you are a Hindi speaker, you might be wondering what the equivalent word is in your language. In this blog, we will explore Awesome Meaning in Hindi and its usage in different contexts, so you can expand your vocabulary and express yourself more confidently in Hindi. Let’s dive in!

Awesome Meaning in Hindi

Awesome Meaning in Hindi is ‘बहुत बढ़िया’ (bahut badiya) or ‘भव्य’ (bhavya). it means extremely impressive, remarkable, or inspiring.

‘बहुत बढ़िया’ (bahut badiya) is a common phrase in Hindi which means ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’. ‘भव्य’ (bhavya) is a Hindi word that means ‘grand’, ‘magnificent’, ‘majestic’ or ‘splendid’.

The word ‘awesome’ is often used to describe something that is extremely impressive, remarkable, or inspiring. It is a term used to express admiration, excitement, or awe for something that is truly amazing. For example, if you watch a breathtaking performance, you can say “That was an awesome performance”. Similarly, if you see a beautiful natural phenomenon like a waterfall or a sunset, you might say “This is an awesome view”. In informal contexts, ‘awesome’ can also be used as a general expression of positivity or agreement.

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Examples of Awesome in a Sentence

Here are some English sentences with the word “Awesome” and their Hindi translations:

  1. That was an awesome movie, I really enjoyed it.
    वह बहुत बढ़िया फिल्म थी, मुझे सचमुच अच्छा लगा। (Vah bahut badhiya film thi, mujhe sachmuch accha laga)
  2. The view from the top of the mountain was awesome.
    पहाड़ के शीर्ष से दृश्य भव्य था। (Pahad ke sheersh se drishya bhavya tha)
  3. The concert was absolutely awesome!
    कॉन्सर्ट बहुत बढ़िया था! (Concert bahut badhiya tha)
  4. The sunset at the beach was absolutely awesome, it was so beautiful.
    समुद्र तट पर सूर्यास्त बहुत ही भव्य था, यह बहुत खूबसूरत था। (Samudra tat par suryaast bahut hi bhavya tha, yah bahut khoobsurat tha)
  5. The party last night was awesome, we had a blast dancing and celebrating.
    कल रात की पार्टी बहुत बढ़िया थी, हमने नृत्य और जश्न मनाने में मजा लिया। (Kal raat ki party bahut badhiya thi, humne nritya aur jashn manane mein maza liya)