50 Common Sentences with “Take”


let’s see 50 common sentences with the verb “Take”.

Example Sentences with Take

Take care

Meaning: to treat something or someone with care

1. Take care of your health.
2. Thank you for taking care of the kids.

Meaning: used when saying goodbye

3. Bye! Take care!

Take place

Meaning: to happen

4. When will the meeting take place?
5. It will take place next week.

Take it easy

Meaning: relax or stay calm

6. Why are you so angry? Take it easy.
7. You’re working too hard. Take it easy.

Take your time

Meaning: There’s no need to hurry

8. Employee: “Is it OK if send you the report by Tuesday?” Boss: “No problem. Take your time.”
9. A: “Can you wait five minutes? I’m on the phone.” B: “Sure. Take your time.”

Sentences with Take off

Meaning 1: to remove an item of clothing

10. You can take off your shoes and leave them here.

Meaning 2: (said of planes) to begin flying

11. What time will the plane take off?

Sentences with Take out

Meaning 1: take someone to a restaurant/movie etc.

12. I’m taking my family out for lunch today.

Meaning 2: a meal brought home from a restaurant (spelled takeout)

13. I’m too tired to cook. Let’s just order a takeout.

Sentences with Take part

Meaning: to participate in something

14. Are you taking part in the contest?
15. I don’t like to take part in arguments.

Take steps/measures/precautions

Meaning: take action

16. We must take steps to prevent this from happening again.
17. The government needs to take measures to reduce poverty.
18. Before riding a motorbike, you should take precautions to protect yourself.

Take responsibility

Meaning: to accept duty or blame

19. Successful people take responsibility for their own lives.
20. I take responsibility for this mistake. It was my fault.

Take + time expression

21. How long does it take to boil an egg?
22. It takes about 10 minutes.
23. Don’t worry. It won’t take long.
24. How much longer do I need to wait? This is taking forever! (=this is taking a long time)

Take seriously

Meaning: treat something or someone as important

25. You should take your studies more seriously.
26. He’s just being funny. Don’t take him too seriously.

Take lessons/courses

27. I heard you’re taking yoga lessons. Good for you!
28. I’m taking a course in computer programming.

Take in other meanings

29. Do you take credit cards? (=Do you accept…)
30. How much sugar do you take in your tea? (How much sugar do you have…)
31. I take your point but I’m not fully convinced. (=I understand your point…)

Expressions Sentences with Take a…

32. Take a look at this.
33. Let’s take a break here. Please be back in 5 minutes.
34. Take a deep breath and relax.
35. I’m going to take a walk through the garden.
36. I’ve been thinking about taking a vacation.
37. We’re going to take a trip to Germany next month.
38. A: “How are you getting back home?” B: “I’m going to take a cab.”
39. Which bus can I take to get to the museum?
40. You can take a train from Paris to London.
41. I’m taking a plane to Atlanta tomorrow.
42. Let’s take a picture together.
43. This burger is great! Here, take a bite. (=eat a little bit)
44. I’m going to take a shower.
45. Why don’t you take a short nap?
46. Please, come on in and take a seat. (=sit down)
47. You’re taking a big risk by quitting your job.
48. We need to be careful. We can’t take any chances.
49. Jane isn’t in her office right now. Can I take a message for her?
50. If you’re not sure of the answer, just take a guess.

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