16 Sentences with However


How do you use however in a sentence?

“However” can be used to join two simple sentences to make a compound sentence, adding a comment which contrasts with what has just been said. Use a semi-colon (;) before and a comma (,) after however when you are using it to write a compound sentence.

You can also use it at the beginning of your sentence. let’s see a few examples with “however” in a sentence.

Using “however” in a sentence examples

  • I like that shirt; however, it only comes in one colour.
  • Rahul couldn’t bribe the police. However, he tried.
  • However you like me to, I’ll do the opposite.
  • However you look at it, it’s still a mess.
  • The temperature is 34 degrees Celsius during the day. However, it falls to 16 degrees at night.
  • I can’t make it to the party. My wife, however, will be attending.
  • Camping in the summer is fun. You must, however, remember to use sunscreen.
  • I have two fish. However, my roommate prefers hamsters.
  • Decorate it however you like.
  • However you look at it, the situation is unfair.
  • I got to the railway station one hour early; However, my train was delayed.
  • Edwin invited me to his party; however, I already made other plans.
  • Our school only has a badminton court. However, most of the students like basketball.
  • However, we must get to work.
  • We invited 100 customers to the presentation. However, only about 50 came.
  • The movie got good reviews; however, it was very long.