5 Fingers Name in Hindi and English | अंगुलियों के नाम

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Learn the Name of fingers in Hindi with their English Meaning (ungliyon ke naam).With A table showcasing the names of fingers in English and Hindi. The first column has an English name and the following columns have names in the Hindi language.

Fingers Name in Hindi
Fingers Name in Hindi

5 Fingers Name in Hindi and English are Index finger ( तर्जनी), Middle finger ( मध्यमा ), Ring finger ( अनामिका ), Little finger( कनिष्ठा ) and Thumb ( अंगूठे ).

Fingers Name in Hindi and English

Fingers Name in Englishउच्चारणFingers Name in HindiPRONUNCIATION
Index fingerइंडेक्स  फिंगरतर्जनीtarjanee
Middle fingerमिडिल फिंगरमध्यमाmadhyama
Ring fingerरिंग फिंगरअनामिकाanaamika
Little fingerलिटिल फिंगरकनिष्ठाkanishtha
Fingers Name in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu
Fingers Name