Alibaug Beach-The black-sand beach, Alibaug


 Alibaug Beach is Situated near the Coastal town Alibaug. Alibaug situated at a distance of about 96km from Mumbai and 143km from Pune. This is where most of the Mumbaikar spend their weekends. Alibag has a number of beaches, and all of them are just a few minutes drive from one another. The most visited beach here is the Alibag beach. The coastline of this beach is around 4 kilometres long. Featuring sprawling shores of black sand, it is ideal for a stroll around the shores, seeing most photogenic sunset, boat ride to the fort located mid-sea, and relishing sumptuous seafood.

Located along the coast of the Arabian Sea and Named after the Alibaug coast, Alibaug beach is a black-sand beach. This beach is lined with buzzing beach shacks also has watersports activities such as paragliding, jet ski, motor-boat ride, kite surfing, and sky kayaking.

About Beach

This beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Alibaug, people come here to admire the coastal beauty of this beach. It offers a mind-blowing view of the Kolaba Fort, one of the cities famous tourist destinations. You can also take a tour of this fort for which you will have to take a short boat ride. The boat ride is also seasonal. When the tides are low the water is so back up the beach that you can either walk or take a tanga (carriage) ride. You can also enjoy the horse riding on the shores of the beach as you take a ride along the coast.

Along the beach shore, you can find various watersports activities such as paragliding, jet ski, motor-boat ride, kite surfing, and sky kayaking. The water sports in Alibaug are extremely famous among the tourists and are also available at a reasonable cost. is also famous for a number of adventure sports and recreational activities as well. While here you can also visit the Ganpati Temple, which is almost 400 years old.

Alibaug beach Photos

Horse ride along the shores of Alibaug beach
Horse ride along the shores of Alibaug beach
View of Alibaug Beach
View of the Beach

How to reach Alibaug Beach?

Alibaug beach is located 2 km from the Alibaug city centre and 1 km from the local Alibaug bus station. The beach is walking distance from the bus-stop. You can also use local transport like a taxi, auto-rickshaw or bus to reach the beach.

From Mumbai to Alibaug, the most convenient and shortest mode of transportation is via ferry from the Gateway of India. These ferries are available throughout the year except during monsoon season. The ferry will drop you to Mandwa beach in about 30 minutes from where the service providers will arrange buses for Alibaug which will take around 45 minutes.