Accounting Services for Small Business and Individuals in Mumbai


Mumbai as you Know Mumbai is the financial capital city of India. Mumbai comprises of many large, medium and small size of business. In this article, we will discuss the business that is not able to maintain staff for their Businesses. Especially accounting services for small business in Mumbai.

Skylight Consultancy is an accounting service provider for small business and individuals in Mumbai. A solution to your business and personal accounting.
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Why Accounting Services for Small Business is important?

Many of us know what business we want to do because of the skills we possess in a particular field. But the thing is that only the skill or the field experience does not give the complete package of management of the business. The one who is getting business through locally or from interstate or even globally should also possess the ability to manage this business with complete focus by providing the best quality of service to get the business on regular basis without any interruption.

Sound knowledge of skill and experience in the field won’t stop you from getting a new project. The interruption arises when the businessman focus diverts from getting the new project to in maintaining/managing the current project transaction on his own. These things sometimes don’t work being lack of knowledge or unable to provide the time on when it is to manage these accounting work.

Managing or maintaining transaction for small business is the basic requirement so that they give more time on the upcoming project.

Accounting Outsourcing Services helps these businesses in different ways like

  • Maintaining their accounts in a software.
  • Updating regularly the Statement of Receivables and Payables
  • Regularly Monitoring on Statutory Dues and updating the same.
  • Filling the required returns like GST, TDS, PT… on time
  • Preparing project wise profit statement if required
  • Updating amendment in Income tax laws for your business.

These work when received to your hand completely ready than you just need to concentrate in making business decisions and be ready to compete in the market even with the sound knowledge of the financial management of your organization.

Accounting service in Mumbai

Skylight Consultancy is an accounting service provider is located in Mumbai. An experienced accounting team already having experience with other small business like shop owner and other small scale industries as our clients in Mumbai.

Achieving business and personal success requires expert Financial management. We provide businesses and individuals with comprehensive accounting services and sound financial advice to help them achieve profitability and security. Our mission is to free you from the stress and burden of complying with the ever-changing laws and regulations and to use our experience to help you achieve your business and personal financial goals. We do much more than just keep the numbers straight, We provide the knowledge and guidance you need to succeed.

Skylight Consultancy Accounting services



  •  IT (Income Tax)
  • GST (Good and Service Tax)
  • TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)
  •  PT (Professional Tax)


  • DSC (Digital Signature)
  •  GST (Good and Service Tax)
  •  TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number)

MIS – All kind of advance Excel base management reports like Cash flow, fund flow, projections, variation statement, Forecasting, revenue tracking analysing

Ageing wise reports, Debtors performance, Follow up with clients, Reconciliation.

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Cost of accounting services in Mumbai

We are providing you with the basic charges for some of our accounting services for small business. These charges are comparatively low to other accounting services in Mumbai

1.  Income Tax Salaried Individual – Rs. 1000/- to 2500/- (for Other Individual or Company we need some information to quote the charges.)
2.  GST Return – Rs. 1500/- (Qtrly) and Rs 1000/- (Monthy)
3.  TDS Return – RS. 2500/- (Qtrly)

Note: The above fees are subject to change as per the number of transactions. Services like accounting and others we require some information to quote.